in the Netherlands: Learning and Development Hackaton

Utrecht- educational scientists, teachers, and social innovators are up to challenge to dig their minds in empowering social and green organizations through innovative impactful learning & development.

5-6 October. In the L&D hackathon in the Social Impact Factory Utrecht, organized by Cando, we wanted to get a fresh look from specialists in different fields, and especially education. The aim was to have bright minds working together on a challenging learning and development case study to realize and to come up with new ideas. A hackathon is a perfect playground for discovery, where participants can meet new people, take different rolls and, think out of the box and get out of their daily routine.

Day 1

After having an introduction by the organizers, nine companies pitched their fascinating case studies; from recruiting volunteers for an NGO in Utrecht to teach workers in a global organization about gender equality, and of course- our case study: What Freeed can offer to attract teachers in the Netherlands? And how we can create an active and sustainable learning community.

The participants jumped into a mutual brainstorming and wrote their ideas and advice about each case. After the first round, it was time for making decisions: questions were asked and the participants had to decide to which project they commit to for the next 2 days. Teams were created and the groups were set. It was time to get some drinks, and then- to get to work!


The planning stage took place, mind maps and mockups were created and milestones defined. The team working on Freeed case allocated the assignments to the individual team members.


The ideas kept on flowing, but like in every hackathon- it was time for a hearty dinner. Innovation went on until the late night, more food and drinks were delivered until it was time to catch the last train from Utrecht.

Day 2

On the second day, Freeed team was even more motivated to work an finish their project, or at least get out the best solution possible in a short time. Ideas and suggestions for improving Freeed platform and introducing it to the Dutch market were explored and developed until the last minute. At 3 pm, presentation of the results began. The results were impressive – every team produced a smart learning solution and the final hackathon party begun.


The team gave us many ideas to implement in Freeed platform and to think about new incentive to invite busy, talented and bright teachers to use Freeed in their daily work.

We wish to this opportunity to share Freeed for the first time in the Netherlands will definitely not be the last. And we hope that so the results will soon be presented and implemented in, opening the door to further discussion and input from education professionals.

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