in Tanzania: Helping teachers through technology

In July Freeed started the pilot sessions among Tanzania Education community- we met with Christian, an active member at who shared his knowledge and resources about Mathematics teaching.

Christian Benedict Boniface is a 25 years old trainee teacher from Arusha region, Tanzania. He is teaching math about two years now, focusing on algebra and geometry.

According to Christian, Tanzania’s education system confronts various challenges. The main challenge is an insufficiency of resources at all levels of education and limited access to technology. Often there are no computers or beamers in the classrooms, and online access by computers is only used in higher education. To him, many teachers are not aware of how to utilize technology to expand the availability of teaching resources.

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Christian Boniface, 25, Trainee Teacher

According to news agencies, 82% of users access online resources via cell phones and the use of the internet by phones is rising rapidly. Thus, technology can be a game changer in Tanzania education system by increasing teachers exposure to online teaching resources, learning activities and videos. Via his phone, Christian can benefit from in multiple ways- from storing of materials that before were kept as hard copies to writing and sharing materials. And most importantly, Freeed is a completely free platform where Christian can find the best teaching techniques and materials from all over the world, to communicate with other teachers and to be part of a world-wide teachers network.

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