is an edtech company founded by three education enthusiasts from Finland with backgrounds in technology and gaming.

Our mission

We believe that the key to a better future lies in providing an excellent basic education for everyone. In the future, education will matter more than ever and we need to keep improving as humanity. But, this dream has a long way to go. Instead of improvement, we are seeing a decline in learning results in many western countries.

The reality is that the world is changing rapidly and schools and teachers are constantly facing new kinds of challenges. Technology, which is shaping our ways to teach, learn, communicate and behave as a society, does offer new kind of possibilities for learning, but also brings new challenges with it. How should education leverage the best parts of these changes, yet maintain what works? How should education react and keep up with the ever-accelerating change of pace?

All this got us worried and thinking. But in the end, worrying does not help too much, so we wanted to act! If we could make even a tiny bit of improvement that could be scalable, we would be happy. While trying to think the best way, we came to the conclusion that the key element in the puzzle are the educators themselves.

Teachers are facing enormous pressure from different directions, yet usually doing an awesome job. The problem is that teachers work alone most of the time - preparing their own materials for their classes and coming up with new teaching methods and ideas. But the best materials and ideas rarely leave the classrooms! Everyone would benefit - kids and teachers - if the best educational materials, practices and ideas could be circulated all around the globe more efficiently. So why not provide tools for that?

That's pretty much the story behind Freeed. is a 100% free tool for teachers to share and find the best educational materials and ideas. Our hope is that it will become more than just a tool - a place for teachers to have discussions and develop education together. Freeed will be developed together with teachers to make it as useful as possible in their daily work.

Heikki Rusama
Co-Founder, CEO

Pedagogical & edtech expert. M.Sc. in Education.

Touko Tahkokallio
Co-Founder, Product Lead

Concept & product design. PhD in Theoretical Physics.

Marko Klemetti
Co-Founder, Lead Architect

Full-stack developer and creator of M.Sc. in Engineering Physics and Mathematics.

We are constantly looking for the talents, masterminds and partners who could help us creating the best global teacher platform. If you are interested to meet, connect or join us, please contact