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"These days it's hard to organize ideas that you find on the internet. It's also hard to store self-produced teaching materials in a way that would make them easy to find next school year."

"It's nice to be able to store my own teaching materials in one place, and in a format that allows me to reuse them whenever the need arises. It's also nice to explore how things are done in other schools."

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Freeed is a free a tool created to help teachers in their daily work. Connect to this engaging teacher network now and get to learn the best tips and tricks from the global teacher community. 

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  • Save time and make your lessons better
  • Search for the best ideas from the other teachers and published educational materials, such as books and apps
  • Save the best ideas and materials to your personal profile so that they never get lost again
  • Share your own teaching ideas, give feedback to other teachers and reviewing the educational materials
  • Expand your professional network
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We gather all kinds of educational materials into one place, where the best quality materials can be easily searched for. In Freeed, you can find materials not just created by teachers, but also materials published by professional publishers. 

We hope to help teachers find the most suitable materials to support their lessons!

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